Stefan Hoppe – Lead Product Manager

Stefan Hoppe

BECKHOFF Automation

Stefan Hoppe studied electrical engineering at the University of Dortmund, Germany. In parallel, he worked on automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) at Fraunhofer Institut IML, Dortmund. Since 1995 he has worked for BECKHOFF Automation, starting as a software developer in the TwinCAT software group. Implementing the OPC-DA Server into TwinCAT was one of his proudest achievements.

Today, Hoppe works as a lead TwinCAT Product Manager with a focus on TwinCAT 3, connectivity and embedded software products. Using new technologies in Industrial Automation and Building Automation environments is daily business – and even Hoppe’s home is intelligently controlled via an OPC Unified Architecture-enabled Windows Embedded device.

Microsoft has awarded him with MVP status (Most Valuable Professional) for Embedded Software since 2009.

In 2006 during the first OPC Unified Architecture (UA) developers conference, Hoppe proposed the design of “PLCopen OPC UA Client Function Blocks” – which in 2008 resulted in Hoppe becoming chairman of the common working group “PLCopen/OPC-Foundation”. Leading a team of competitive companies working collaboratively, the first spec (about mapping IEC61131-3 into OPC UA namespace) was released in March 2010 followed by a second spec (PLCopen OPC UA Client Functionblocks) in 2014.

Since January 2010 Hoppe has served as President of OPC Europe within the OPC Foundation, organizing numerous events across Europe.