.NET 4.0 (WCF)

OPC .NET 4.0 (formerly OPC Express Interface or OPC Xi) represents the continued evolution of OPC Classic on Microsoft platforms. The technology is based on Microsoft’s .NET Framework and uses Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) in place of COM/DCOM. The specification includes backward compatibility with OPC Classic.

OPC .NET 4.0 provides:

  • Native .NET access to OPC Data Access (OPC DA), OPC Historical Data Access (OPC HDA) and OPC Alarms and Events (OPC A&E)
  • Secure communications via WCF (the .NET replacement for DCOM) through the firewall
  • Auto-recovery mechanisms that reconnect the client to the server after transient communication failures without loss of the client context with the server
  • Full compatibility with OPC Classic

A generic .NET 4.0 software wrapper is available for OPC DA, OPC A&E or OPC HDA servers. The wrapper manages the WCF interface and the mapping between OPC .NET 4.0 and OPC Classic.

To learn more about the OPC .NET 4.0 and its compatibility with OPC Classic, contact the OPC Foundation.