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OPC Day Europe 2017 "IT meets Automation"

Date: 05/30/2017

Location: Microsoft Dev Center Copenhagen
Kanalvej 7
Copenhagen (Kongens Lyngby)
Map and Directions

Price: $250.00


Join the OPC Foundation for OPC Day Europe 2017 on May 30-31, 2017 hosted by Microsoft Copenhagen, Denmark.

This OPC Day conference will be held at the Microsoft Dev Conference Center, in Copenhagen.
The conference will feature OPC Unified Architecture experts and users from a number of industries. Catering will be included during the conference sessions.
For those who are new to OPC Unified Architecture (UA), there will be a Pre-Conference on Tuesday morning which will cover the basics of the technology, a look at security and how to get started with OPC UA. The Main Conference will begin with Registration and Welcome remarks on Tuesday afternoon followed by a networking reception with the speakers and the exhibitors on Tuesday evening. The Conference finishes on Wednesday afternoon.
This event is open to both OPC Foundation members and non-members.


Benefits of attending:

This conference will focus on the rich feature set of OPC UA and the unique ways that End Users are putting these features to use in their applications.

By attending this conference you will:

  • Learn how OPC UA fits into the Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, China 2025 and Korea Manufacturing initiative
  • Learn why the VDMA selected OPC UA as the standard for Industrie4.0
  • Get insights on VDMA Groups Injection moulding, Machine Vision and Robotic developing information models based on OPC UA
  • Hear why end-users are requiring vendors to build OPC UA into their products
  • Hear from Microsoft how they connect OPC UA enabled machines and factories with 6 clicks to Azure
  • Learn how active collaborations with other industry organizations are working to revolutionize the transformation of data, providing an infrastructure for the modeling of information
  • Network with industry experts and peers


The registration fee is for this event is $250 USD for non-members and $195 USD for members, The fee includes conference materials, catering during the conference. To receive the $195 pricing, OPC Foundation members must login prior to registering for the event.



Tuesday, 30 May 2017
Pre Conference
08.30h – 09.30h       Registration & Coffee (no exhibition!)
09.30h – 10.30h       Pre Conference

  • OPC Vision: Thomas Burke, President OPC Foundation
  • OPC UA Technical Introduction: Jouni Aro, CTO ProSys OPC

10.30h – 11.00h       Coffee break
11.00h – 12.00h       Pre Conference

  • OPC UA Security Introduction, Jouni Aro, CTO ProSys OPC
  • OPC UA Adoption and success stories: Thomas Burke, OPC Foundation

12.00h – 13.00h       Lunch (Sandwiches)

Main conference
13.00h – 13.30h       Registration Main conference, Exhibition, Meet Sponsors
13.30h – 14:45h       Keynote + Conference

  • Opening by OPC Foundation and Microsoft
  • Manufacturers favor OPC UA, by Dr. Reinhard Heister, VDMA

14:45h – 15:15h      Coffee break
15.15h – 16:45h      Conference

  • OPC in the world: IIC / Industrie4.0 / Korea / China, Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation 
  • OPC UA Pub/Sub Insights, by Matthias Damm, Ascolab
  • All about certification, by Alexander Allmendinger, CTO Allmendinger
  • Sponsor introduction, Thomas Burke, OPC Foundation

16:45h - 17:15h      Coffee break
17:15h – 18:15h      Conference Keynote

  • Azure IoT Suite Connected factory - Getting started with Industrie 4.0 today, by Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft
  • The Intelligent Edge – the Foundation for Industrial IoT, by Zbigniew Skurczynski, Director Aruba Networks and Hewlett Packard Enterprise company

18:15h - 21:00h      Welcome evening, Exhibition, Meet Sponsors, Dinner, Drinks
21:00h End of Day 1


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

08.30h – 09.30h      Coffee & exhibition
09:00h – 10:30h      Conference

  • Companion specifications, Benefits, How to start a new one?, by Stefan Hoppe
  • PLCopen, Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
  • PackML, Christian Hock, Siemens
  • FDI, Achim Laubenstein, ABB
  • OPC UA DEXPI, by Dr. Nikolaos Papakonstantinou, VTT
  • Companion specifications: Overview and best practice, by Matthias Damm, Ascolab

10:30h – 11:00h      Coffee break
11:00h – 13:00h      Conference

  • OPC UA security for practitioners by Uwe Pohlmann
  • Manufacturing Execution in combination with Autonomous Agents based on SAP and OPC UA, by Rüdiger Fritz, SAP
  • New TSN Testbed using OPC UA in Augsburg, Germany, by Dr. Dominik Rohrmus, Labs Network Industrie 4.0 (LNI)
  • "Alexa to Siemens S7 PLC": Consumer world meets Industrial Automation, by Axel Hulsch, IBH Softec
  • Q&A

13:00h - 14:00h Quick Lunch: Lunch bag, End of Conference


Speakers of PreConference:

  • OPC Vision: Thomas Burke, President OPC Foundation
  • OPC UA Technical Introduction, Jouni Aro, CTO ProSys OPC
  • OPC UA Security Introduction, Jouni Aro, CTO ProSys OPC
  • OPC Adoption and success stories: Thomas Burke

Speakers of Main Conference:

      • Manufacturers favor OPC UA, by Dr. Reinhard Heister, VDMA
        This presentation shows the needs of manufactures and the benefits through OPC UA. Due to the wide adoption of OPC UA in several branches the VDMA faces the challenge to introduce an unified methodology how to write a companion specification with respect to the mechanical engineering industry.


            • Azure IoT Suite Connected factory - Getting started with Industrie 4.0 today, by Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft
              „With the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite connected factory, we have answered the cloud connectivity and security questions factory owners have, with the help of OPC UA. The connected factory is the ideal starting point, even for small companies, for their digital transformation journey towards Industrie 4.0. To find out more, come to the OPC Day Europe 2017!”


    • Manufacturing Execution in combination with Autonomous Agents based on SAP and OPC UA, by Rüdiger Fritz, SAP
      The co-innovation project “Open Integrated Factory” (OIF) is not just another evidence for the benefits of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approaches in automation. Independent Machine Units act as Service Providers and Service Consumers and talk to each other by means of OPC UA methods. With the “OIF – Generation 2017” the demonstrator was enhanced by a scenario which focusses on the idea of Autonomous Agents, means a machine unit makes own decisions within a dedicated scope. OPC UA is in this context the inevitable foundation.


  • OPC UA Pub/Sub Insights, by Matthias Damm, Ascolab
    Detailed introduction to new, upcoming Pub/Sub communication extension for OPC UA.


  • Companion specifications: How to start a new collaboration with OPC Foundation and what you should you technically be aware of, by Stefan Hoppe, VP OPC Foundation and Matthias Damm, Ascolab
    This session is not only about how to start a collaboration with the OPC Foundation and which rules to follow to establish a new group. More important it's about hints and thought's to make create a companion specification which is aligned with the recommendations and rules by OPC Foundation to be accepted and adopted quickly on the market. Stefan .


    • PLCopen companion specification by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation


    • PackML companion specification by Christian Hock, Siemens


    • OPC UA and Field Device Integration (FDI) for Industrie 4.0 by Achim Laubstein, ABBFDI technology is a critical path building block for Digital Transformation as it simplifies and reduces cost of the integration of smart field devices into asset management and process control systems. FDI has adopted the OPCUA Device Information Model which enables standardized access to device information by other computer programs, e.g. cloud applications to process and analyze the device information. FDI technology is a perfect fit for upcoming system architectures as required by NAMUR Open Architecture, Industrie 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things and similar initiatives.


  • OPC UA DEXPI companion specification, by Dr. Nikolaos Papakonstantinou, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
    The work has started in early 2017 for the development of the OPC UA DEXPI companion specification. DEXPI, a DECHEMA initiative, brought together in a group big owner/operators like BASF, EVONIK and BAYER and software vendors like Autodesk, Aveva, Siemens, Intergraph and X-Visual for developing a specification for the exchange of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) based on ISO 15926 and the Proteus XML format. The VTT technical research centre of Finland, a member of the DEXPI group, is leading the effort for an OPC UA companion specification which can standardize the communication of P&ID information based on the DEXPI specification over OPC UA with the support of the OPC Foundation.


    • New TSN Testbed using OPC UA in Augsburg, Germany, by Dr. Dominik Rohrmus, Labs Network Industrie 4.0 (LNI)

      LNI4.0 is a pre-competitive and non-profit German association, which was founded by companies related to the Plattform Industrie 4.0 in cooperation with the federations Bitkom, VDMA, and ZVEI. At the Hannover Fair 2017 LNI has announced the start of a TSN testbed in Germany with an industrial consortium of more than 15 partners that also includes SME companies e.g. ESR Pollmeier GmbH, Deutsche Telekom AG, Festo AG, Fraunhofer IGCV, Hirschmann (Belden Germany GmbH), K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG, KUKA AG, Microsoft Germany GmbH, Phoenix Contact GmbH, SAP SE, Siemens AG. The testbed will be hosted on the neutral ground of the BMWi 4.0 competence center Augsburg (close to Munich, Germany).
      LNI will present the inital usecase that includes OPC UA pub/sub.


    • All about certification and the advantages, by Alexander Allmendinger
      Because of the increasing demand for certified products OPC Foundation opened a new lab in Europe, operated by Alexander. He will report about
      - OPC lab now open for non-members
      - advantages and how to get certified
      - how to handle CTT tool to prepare, understand the Profile Reporting Tool
      - companion spec certifications


      • OPC UA security for practitioners – An offer that you cannot refuse by Uwe Pohlmann, Fraunhofer Germany
        Today’s devices and machines produce high-value data. For example, a production machine logs at which time it is used. However, the available data only becomes viable if it can be processed and used to improve a product, to offer a service, or to reduce the costs. Communication via OPC UA enables remote accessing to and processing of the data in a secure way. Currently, many devices and machine builders struggling with security challenges, like handling access rights and certificates in the right way. Thereby, they give away the ability to use the data to improve their own products, services, and to reduce their costs. For this reason, the OPCF & M2M collaboration user group has been founded in order to document and spread use cases and best practices for building secure communication solutions and smart services based on device and machine data provided by OPC UA.




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