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OPC Interoperability Workshop, Japan

Date: 06/15/2021

Location: Time24 Building Tokyo

2-4-32 Aomi, Koto-ku
Training room 141, 14th floor

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The Japanese OPC Interoperability Workshop (IOP) 2021 in Tokio will be hosted this year in the TIME24 Building. This workshop is “the” event for testing OPC products for interoperability and preparing them for market. Vendors can test and debug their products against one another for interoperability, compliance and reliability. IOP workshops also provide an ideal opportunity to network with your peers, learn about OPC technology.

This workshop will be operated by OPC Foundation Japan.

The OPC Interoperability Workshop is a “must attend” event for anyone preparing their OPC UA products for market. Test and debug your applications while running against dozens of other vendor products in a real-world environment including Windows, Linux, and Embedded devices. The 2019 IOPs were very successful, with several members reporting that it was “extremely valuable” in preparing their products for release.

OPC Interoperability Workshops are open to OPC Foundation corporate member companies only.
Registration starts on 1st of May and the space is limited to 60 attendees. So please check back and register in time!

Note: Because of national restrictions due to COVID-19 in the hosting country, this event may get canceled on short notice. We recommend to use flexible tariffs for your travel arrangements.


Available OPC Technology For Testing

  • OPC Unified Architecture (UA) – Windows, Linux, Embedded

Provided Infrastructure For Testing

  • Local Area Network consisting of a standard CAT5 Ethernet cable
  • Internet access
  • Web-based application providing Test suggestions and for recording test results

What to Bring

  • Computer (laptops are preferred) containing your OPC product(s) for testing.
  • Backup drives and/or restoration DVDs in the event your PC crashes.
  • Any additional hardware/software needed to conduct your testing.

Challenge “Stress” Test

This year’s IOP will see the return of the Challenge Test, in which multiple OPC Clients and Servers will be stress tested with thousands of tags/nodes per connection, concurrently during network connectivity losses.
Products that successfully pass the Challenge Test are ideal candidates for OPC Foundation lab certification.


Interoperability Workshop Preparations

Attendees will be asked to specify their products in the OPC Interoperability Test Application in order to have more time for testing during the workshop.

Wednesday, June 17th

9:30 – 17:30

  • Network and Computer Setup
  • Verify Connectivity
  • Begin General Testing

We will start with network configuration. This will be done step-by-step with on-screen instructions. After successful configuration all PCs will be part of the test network. A “share” partition on the server will be used to exchange files, if necessary.

Introduction to the infrastructure and the test procedure:

  • All Servers have to be specified by means of a web-based entry form (general properties, supported optional interfaces, supported ItemIDs/Conditions, etc.). This test data will be available for the clients.
  • Clients will also use web-based entry forms to find available servers, view their properties, select them for testing, fill in test results, etc..

Thursday, June 18th

09:00 – 17:45

  • General Testing

Friday, June 19th

08:50 – 11:30

  • General Testing

12:30 – 16:00

  • Challenge Testing

16:00 – 17:00

  • Wrap-up
  • Generate Final Database

All days will be available for general testing. Every client vendor should perform an IOP test with every other vendor’s server(s). Web-based forms will show the status with respect to available servers and clients.

Each client vendor must enter the test results for each tested server into a web-based database. The database will be available to all participants at the end of the workshop.

Some of us will be available to help resolve general problems (Certification trust, network, specification ambiguities)

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