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Designated Representative: Thomas Johannhson
Category: Corporate Member


Technosoftware GmbH was founded in 2011 and is specialized in software consulting and development services for technical and industrial applications based on OPC and offers also products in this area. Thomas Johannhson, the founder of Technosoftware GmbH was involved in the design and development of many software products with OPC connectivity and has over 19 years extensive knowledge about OPC. Based on this expertise, the OPC UA .NET product line was released in 2012, which focuses on the pioneering OPC UA technology, but also provides support for the classic OPC specifications such as OPC DA, OPC AE and OPC HDA.


Why Technosoftware?


Technosoftware GmbH is, measured by the number of employees, truly not a big company. However when it comes to flexibility, service quality, and adherence to schedules and reliability, we are surely a great company which can compete against the so called leaders in the industry. And this is THE crucial point for our customers.  

Continuous progress 

Lifelong learning and continuing education is, especially in the information technology, essential for future success. Concerning our customers, we will constantly accepting new challenges and exceeding their requirements again and again. We will continue to do everything to fulfill the needs of our customers and to meet our own standards.  

High Quality of Work

We reach this by a small, competent and dynamic team of coworkers, which apart from the satisfaction of the customer; take care of a high quality of work. We concern the steps necessary for it together with consideration of the customers’ requirements.    


We support you in all phases – consultation, direction of the project, analysis, architecture & design, implementation, test and maintenance. You decide on the integration of our coworkers in your project; for an entire project or for selected phases. 


  • Technosoftware GmbH
  • Windleweg 3
  • Rüfenach, CH-5235
  • Switzerland


Company Products

OPC UA Server .NET Standard.NET (C#/VB.NET) Server Development SDK for OPC UA   &...
OPC UA Client .NET Standard.NET Standard (C#/VB.NET) Client Development SDK for OPC UA...