• Advantech Co., LTD. - AMAX-637: Real-Time SoftLogic Cabinet Controller
  • Publish date: 01/28/2022
  • Product release date: 01/28/2022
AMAX-637: Real-Time SoftLogic Cabinet Controller

AMAX-637: Real-Time SoftLogic Cabinet Controller

AMAX-637 is a PC-Based edge controller powered by CODESYS, control kernel Soft-PLC equipped with Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus for OT applications. Support for IEC-61131-3 PLCopen languages enables engineers to easily program PLCs and SoftMotion and CNC Robotics modules for various motion control applications.

To provide comprehensive control solutions, Advantech also offers flexible expansion options, including industrial Ethernet I/O, peripheral I/O, slice I/O, and distributed I/O modules.

Moreover, to ensure easy data access with IT-OT integration, uplink connectivity with MQTT, OPC UA and ODBC (database) protocol support is provided. The platform portal utility’s self-diagnosis function enhances controller reliability.

Furthermore, Advantech’s WISE-PaaS platform can be leveraged for field-side management to enhance productivity and equipment flexibility.

  • CODESYS Control Real Time Engine (RTE) & Visualization (Target & Web)
  • Embedded OS with optimized BIOS adjustment for control process
  • SoftPLC support a 50 μs processing cycle time, while motion control achieve 64-axis with 1ms cycle time
  • Supports IEC-61131-3 PLCopen languages (FBD, LD, IL, ST, and SFC)
  • Upstream connectivity facilitates IT/OT integration (MQTT, OPC UA, and ODBC)
  • Supports EtherCAT, ProfiNet, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus TCP/RTU protocols
  • Optional CANopen and ProfiBus support via iDoor expansion module
  • Remote upgrade of SoftMotion and CNC Robotics modules from Advantech WISE-Marketplace or CODESYS store
  • Advantech Data Connect (ADC) enables high-speed data transmissions with third-party software via symbols (PLC Handler) and shared memory (C/C++/C#)