• Hilscher Gesellschaft fuer Systemautomation mbH - DIL-32 IC with IoT communication - EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • Publish date: 07/07/2016
  • Product release date: 07/07/2016
DIL-32 IC with IoT communication - EtherNet/IP Adapter

DIL-32 IC with IoT communication - EtherNet/IP Adapter

Intelligent DIL-32 Communication IC with integrated OPC UA and MQTT functionality


  • Intelligent EtherNet/IP Adapter module for field devices
  • IoT communication bypassing the PLC via OPC UA and MQTT
  • Central "build process" with intelligent engineering tool
  • Protocol-independant object interface to the application
  • Customized device description file (EDS)
  • Source code to connect the application (.h)

Compact field devices will increasingly be equipped with more intelligence and functionality. Especially for I4.0 and IoT a continuous, object-oriented data model from field device to management level shall be established. Besides transmission via Real-Time Ethernet the objects shall be transferred directly to the cloud via IoT communication. To meet these objectives Hilscher has enhanced its DIL-32 Communication IC netIC with central IoT functionality.

The new IoT-ready netIC is based on the multiprotocol chip netX 52 and offers device manufacturers maximum flexibility with an easy handling. With netIC IOT the user can transmit data via OPC UA or MQTT on the same physical cable parallel to the Real-Time Ethernet communication – reactionless and bypassing the PLC. All process and service data of the field device will be arranged in a generic, protocol-independent object model.

The OEM will be supported by an intelligent engineering tool, which guides him through the complete „build process“ of his device and he even can adapt the pinning of netIC IOT to his needs. In addition he can use netIC standard functionality like a SSIO interface for direct I/Os or a SPI interface to the host CPU.