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The major function of data communication software ICE-COM is to build a real-time communication between ICE-RT (and data acquisition software ICE-DA) and industrial field (e.g. process control system DCS/PLC, instruments and devices).

ICE-COM communicates with OPC servers (e.g. DCS/PLS system, intelligent instruments and devices supporting OPC protocol) as an OPC Client. Meanwhile, it communicates with TCP Clients including ICE-RT, ICE-DA as a TCP Server.


Functions of ICE-COM

  • Device Port Configuration

Configure port information of servers such as OPC servers.

  • TCP Port Configuration

Configure TCP port number for TCP clients such as ICE-RT, ICE-DA.

  • View and Test

Provide visible lists of TCP clients and tags for real-time viewing and testing. Log inquiry is also provided to inquiry program performance and error messages.

  • Self-Starting and pallet-demonstration.

ICE-COM support self starting when computer is on, and can run in the background (pallet demonstration).

DA 2.05a

DA 2.05a




DA 2.05a 2.0.22