Java Based OPC UA Server SDK/Toolkit

Member: Unified Automation GmbH

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The OPC UA Java SDK/Toolkit allows efficient development of OPC UA clients and servers. The SDK actually consists of two SDKs, a Server SDK and a Client SDK. Typically OPC UA is used for data acquisition, process monitoring, device diagnostics, etc. The components of the SDK enable you to concentrate on the application design instead of implementing the actual OPC communications. This will reduce the required time and cost of your own development.

The Java based OPC UA Server SDK implements the necessary OPC UA services:

  • Connection and Session management,
  • Subscription management,
  • Node management,
  • I/O management,
  • Event management,
  • Method services.

As an additional feature the SDK itself is a native Java implementation and depends on the Java Stack and its platform layer and the crypto API defined by the stack.

The Java based Client & Server SDK requires Java SE 6 (Java Runtime Environment 1.6) and Java Development Kit 6 (jdk1.6).