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Andon – Visual Display Management

Andon – Visual Display Management

Andon – Visual Display Management

SeQent’s Marquee Manager product family monitors manufacturing environments and sends real-time, automated messages (Alarms, Events, KPI’s, OEE) to visual and audible devices including LED/LCD displays, smartphones, tablets, stack lights and sounder alarms.
As an integral part of any lean initiative, Andon boards provide visibility into the activity on the plant floor but need to be driven by a robust, easy-to-use software solution. Our Andon – Visual Display Management product family is the only multi-vendor marquee solution, supporting the majority of boards, including legacy displays.
With efficient installation and implementation, Marquee Manager provides a user-friendly Andon – Visual Display Management software solution that supports the collection of Andon alerts from various automation systems and sources. Utilizing Marquee Manager’s vast integration capabilities, custom implementations are possible with its easy-to-use message management system that offers prioritization and queueing. Data is easily accessible due to the full suite of flexible administration tools, all accessible remotely, and the wide range of device connectivity options.


Key Features

  • Delivers real-time information to ANDON boards, marquee displays, and LED/LCD displays
  • Easy-to-use message management system including prioritization and queuing of ANDON alerts
  • Display KPI with real-time embedded data
  • Trigger events when a data value or bit reaches a certain value
  • Multiple applications may publish information to the same shared LED or LCD display


Marquee Manager™ Gateway for OPC

SeQent’s Industrial Visualization OPC Integration is part of the many interoperability capabilities that Marquee Manager offers. With centralized and remote management, Marquee Manager provides an innovative, user-friendly, and infinitely scalable Industrial Visualization Platform that is highly customizable and easy to install. Marquee Manager Gateway for OPC collects data from one or more OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC UA DA compliant servers, allows business rule definition against the collected data and sends alarms to Marquee Manager Server for processing. Alarm information such as name, trigger test, and value, and various collected values from OPC data sources are all available for alarm message composition.

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