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MFN 100

MFN 100

MFN 100 is a flexible edge computing device for machine control and connectivity that forms part of TTTech’s Nerve product portfolio.

MFN 100 hosts multiple virtual machines which can run your demanding control and HMI applications, as well as enabling effortless migration of your existing applications. MFN 100 uses Nebbiolo fogOS and system management software within a fog architecture to ensure that application data is always processed in the right place at the right time.

TTTech's Nerve platform gives you easy access to live and historical OPC UA data from machines and enables you to remotely manage applications and software updates. 

MFN 100 at a glance:

CPU: Intel Atom E3900 QuadCore
Software: KVM hypervisor running Nebbiolo fogOS, RealTime Linux and Windows, Docker support
OPC: OPC UA server, OPC UA client
Connectivity: Integrated TSN Ethernet Switch, PROFINET, WiFi, LTE, DisplayPort, USB