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NETx MultiProtocol Server

NETx MultiProtocol Server

Today´s building automation systems use many different protocols and technologies for controlling and managing building services. While each technology has its advantages, the way of accessing and representing information and data is different. As a result, integrating such heterogenous systems at the management level is very complex and time consuming.

The solution to this problem is our NETx Multi Protocol Server. The NETx Multi Protocol Server provides interfaces to various protocols and technologies (KNX, BACnet, Modbus, OPC and many more). In addition, application-specific interfaces to hotel management (Fidelio/Opera, Protel, Infor, OnQ) and access control systems (VingCard, Kaba, Salto) are available too. The NETx Multi Protocol Server includes a logic engine. Using LUA scripts and/or graphical functional block programming, missing control functions can be implemented. Thanks to the supported interfaces, these functions can be distributed across different technologies and systems.

Most important the NETx Multi Protocol Server is an OPC DA and OPC UA server as well as a BACnet/IP server. Furthermore, various web services and IoT interfaces like oBIX and MQTT are provided too. Therefore connecting our NETx Multi Protocol Server to third-party OPC, BACnet/IP or web service clients is easy to achieve.