OneSubsea opcuasrv

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The OneSubsea standard MCS software provides the interface for the DCS to control and monitor the subsea control equipment as well as OneSubsea topside equipment. It is also a main task of the MCS to provide the maintenance interface for OneSubsea subsea controls equipment.

The OneSubsea opcuasrv provides an interface for OPC UA clients to the OneSubsea MCS. The interface of the MCS (or SPCU) to the DCS is realized through a redundant connection and supports the latest MDIS profile 1.02.

Embedded UA Server

Data Access Server
Method Server

SecurityPolicy - Basic128Rsa15
SecurityPolicy - Basic256

User Token - User Name Password Server
User Token - X509 Certificate Server

Embedded UA Server





OneSubsea opcuasrv



MDIS Solution
MDIS Instrument Out Model Server
MDIS Discrete Out Model Server
MDIS Digital Out Model
MDIS Redundancy

Embedded UA Server