Panorama COM

Panorama COM

Member: CODRA/Panorama

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Panorama COM is a stand-alone front-end comunication solution (MTU) that supports a myriad of real-time or telemetry data acquisition protocols :

  •     Modbus, Modbus/TCP,
  •     OPC DA, OPC UA,
  •     SNMP V1 V2 et V3,
  •     BACnet,
  •     LACROIX Sofrel equipments (SOFBUS-PL, LACBUS-RTU, SOFREL SMS PDU, LACBUS SMS PDU protocols),
  •     WIT equipments (TRSII protocol),
  •     Ijinus equipements (SMS IJINUS protocol),
  •     PERAX equipments.

In addition to these protocols, Panorama COM also supports certain proprietary functions and formats such as log files, data blocks and schedules.