RBS Report OPC Data Logger and OPC Excel Reporter

RBS Report OPC Data Logger and OPC Excel Reporter

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Product website: rbsreport.com

 There are a large number of industries that can benefit from the advantages offered by the MS SQL Server® reporting and industrial software that feature the Excel® reporter tool. The RBS Report® is a type of MS SQL Server® Client and OPC Client for Excel® that provides transformation of Excel® into a type of reporting tool for the existing data and process. You can connect MS SQL server®, Cloud data source and also export the data to an Excel® file.

These tools are compatible with all types of OPC servers and able to get both OPC and PLC data Server Software. Customers are able to make their own databases with the support of an embedded data logger package, which is just another cost effective feature supplied by this solution.

Unlike other types of reporting solutions, the RBS Report® utilizes the power behind Excel®. This is the largest tool used for the analysis and reporting of data. When you use RBS Report® you are able to retrieve the equipment and process data very easily, from virtually anywhere in the organization and take advantage of the advanced calculations and data manipulation provided by Excel®.