uOPC Server

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The uOPC Server is an .Net based I/O Data Server has been designed on extremely robust and reliable Server architecture.

Connect to your Modbus devices using uOPC Server

Easy to Use: uOPC Server is simple to configure and fast to deploy, providing access to your Modbus devices in just a few minutes.

Versatile: uOPC Server provides data access to Modbus devices both over Modbus TCP-IP, Modbus RTU and Modbus ASCII.

Secure Your Data Communications: Information security is built-in to OPC UA communications. Maximize data security by using uOPC Server as a gateway to all your Modbus devices. 

Cross-platform Compatibility: Take advantage of the cross-platform compatibility of Java technology deploy in windows or Linux and deploy uOPC Server on Windows.

New Integration Possibilities: Because OPC UA is a vendor independent communication standard, uOPC Server enables you to connect to numerous systems from different manufacturers.

Technical Data                                                                            

OPC Specifications: Unified Architecture V1.02

OPC Roles: Core Characteristics, Data Access, Base Eventing, Methods, Audit, Node Management, Historical Access, Alarms and Conditions.

OPC UA Transport

·  Opc.tcp

·  Https

·  Http

OPC UA Security

· Security Policy: None, Basic128Rsa15, Basic256

· Authentication: Anonymous, User Name/Password, User Certificate

· Full Compliance to OPC UA V1.02 Specification

OPC UA Modelling: Configuration tool shall be provided for building address space configuration for uOPC Server.

Programming Interface: C#

Development Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 / .NET Framework 4.5.1

Development and Target Operating Systems: Windows 7 (32Bit/64Bit), Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 RS2, Windows Server 2012

Compliance/Certification: Tested at OPC Foundation Interoperability Workshops, Test with OPC Foundation Compliance Test

Trial Version: Complete functionality is available in the trial version. Limitation to 15 days runtime period applies. Fully Functional Binary Version Just by Activating License Key.


· Single Seat Developer License for uOPC Server

. OPC UA enabled applications can be freely deployed without any            restrictions.


Standard UA Server

Standard UA Server





uOPC Server