• Publish date: 02/08/2018
  • Product release date: 02/08/2018


VisiWin’s reliable services are used in thousands of machines and facilities worldwide – not only for servicing and monitoring of individual machines but also for supervision systems. Our process visualization software is not designed for a particular industry but is a universal tool.

Hence VisiWin is suitable for a wide range of applications. VisiWin is platform-independent and can be used on small HMI panels as well as on Windows Embedded or Windows Server. With its browser-based client, it also covers portable devices such as tablets and smartphones.

From small-scale HMIs to complex SCADA applications, VisiWin supports the developer with all tasks by its extensive toolbox full of practice-proven system functions. These functions are ready for use but can also be parameterized and adapted to the requirements of the processes to be visualized. VisiWin has everything on board that an advanced process visualization tool should have including machine communication, data preprocessing, display of alarms and measured values.

Open APIs, standard file formats and the possibility to implement custom functions make everything possible. Limits were yesterday!