Guidelines and Templates

The following documents support OPC working groups and joint working groups for setup and during operation.

2020-08-15V1.01.11OPC 11020 - UA Companion Specification Template
A word document that defines the proper document layout for companion specifications.
It includes paragraph styles and formatting of pictures and tables in order to make documents from different editors look uniform and can be validated.
2020-07-28V1.01"OPC 11021 - UA Companion Specification Guideline
Important principles to follow when creating OPC UA companion specifications."
2020-06-01V1.09"OPC 11050 - Working Group Charter Template
A word document with the base layout for working group charters."
2020-07-10V1.00.02"OPC 11051 - WorkingGroup Guidelines
This document describes the process for creating and managing OPC Foundation (or OPC) working groups (INTERNAL working groups) and working groups that are initiated together with other standards organizations (JOINT working groups)."
2020-05-28May20UA Shapes Visio Template
A Vision Style Sheet with the shapes for OPC UA Nodes following the graphical notation in OPC UA Part 3.
2020-05-25May20OPCF-Multi-Org-Cooperation-Agreement - MOCA
This Agreement creates a framework for cooperation between the OPC Foundation and other organizations. It creates a governance model and intellectual property framework that enables different non-profit organizations, and members of these different organizations, to work together to create industry specifications and related materials.
2020-05-25May20MOCA Overview - 1-Pager
An overview of the OPCF Multi-Organization Cooperation Agreement (MOCA).