How to Certify

The OPC Foundation Certification Program requires OPC-based products to pass an extensive level of testing to assure compliance, interoperability, robustness, and resource efficiency.


Certification testing is a paid-for service as described in Overview & Benefits.

Preparing for Testing

The following items can help a product vendor prepare for Certification Lab testing. It is suggested that vendors prepare for testing and try as many of the tests as possible before attending the OPC Foundation accredit Certification Lab. This ensures that testing does not discover easily avoidable problems. Products with problems take longer to test, which results in additional cost for the vendor.

Once your product successfully passes compliance, interoperability, robustness, usability, and resource efficiency testing then you are ready for certification testing.

Scheduling Testing

  1. Submit your application for testing by completing the Application Request Form
  2. A Test Engineer will request your product, configuration, and test results etc.

If you still have questions about the OPC Certification Program, contact the Compliance department.

Test Lab Locations

  • Europe: Manfred-Woerner-Str. 125, 73037 Goeppingen, Germany (see here)
  • China: