OPC UAcademic

Welcome to the OPC UAcademic landing page

The aim of the OPC Foundation’s “OPC UAcademics” program is to support Universities around the world by providing Information about OPC UA and related technologies.
We, the OPC Foundation, provide basic content and graphics, which can be used free of charge to teach students (the materials may not be used for commercial purposes).

The curriculum includes information about the core concepts of communication, security, and information modelling, but also important topics like telegram mapping. We are confident that this will provide comprehensive and up-to-date content, giving instructors a ramp-start for lectures across diverse industry focuses. The idea is to help create teaching materials faster, with the latest details, in a uniform way. This ensures that the content of the courses are current and that graduates have an early introduction to OPC UA related themes, helping them quickly understand news about the technology.

    • Steps to Get Access
      Step 1: If not already created, please register for a free, individual account on the OPC Foundation web
      Step 2: Download the curriculum access form here and fill in the relevant information. Send the completed form to opcuacademics@opcfoundation.org
      Step 3: You will receive an email (please allow 1 business day) which will grant you access to the “OPC UAcademic Portal”.
    • License Details
      Materials made available in the “OPC UAcademic Portal” are licensed under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0 license. This license requires that licensees provide attribution to OPC Foundation (e.g., ‘original materials © OPC Foundation, licensed under CC BY’) and must further indicate if changes were made to the original, licensed materials.
      Licensees may not use the materials for commercial purposes.