Overview & Benefits

The OPC Foundation recommends the use of OPC Test Lab Certified Products!

What is Certification?

The OPC Foundation’s Certification and Compliance program exists to help members develop and provide high quality products that meet minimum operability requirements. OPC Certified products are:

  • Compliant with the OPC specifications
  • Interoperable with other OPC products from other vendors
  • Robust, reliable and able to recover from lost communications, etc.
  • Usable, by following universally accepted best-practices
  • Efficient in managing resources (CPU, memory, disk space etc.)

The Certification program is under the jurisdiction of the Compliance Working Group, a volunteer member group that is responsible for:

  • The rules of the certification program
  • Criteria and test-procedures that determine compliance
  • Guidelines for the OPC Test Labs
  • Continued development and refinement of test-cases and test-tools

The Certification Program’s Value Proposition

Certified products have been tested in an independent OPC Test Lab and have met or exceeded the requirements  described above. The benefits of using Certified Products include:

  • Faster configuration and start-up with fewer support calls
  • Proven reliability and interoperability
  • Minimal integration risks and an investment in quality that your production system can rely on

The Certification Logo

Products that have successfully completed certification testing are awarded the Certification logo.

OPC Certified Logo Sample

Vendors that earn the right to display the logo must abide by a specific Logo License Agreement.

For an online catalog of OPC certified products, see the Certified Products page.

To learn more about the OPC Certification Program and Compliance, contact the Director of Compliance.

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