Membership in the OPC Foundation is not only easy, it also provides the best way to stay up-to-date with technology and to reach the community most inter­ested in the value and benefits of OPC UA.

Membership provides access to all the specifications and tools required to develop your product, it provides the tools for certification of your product and it gives you access to the OPC technical community and its working groups.

Joining as an OPC UA logo member allows you to access and use the registered OPC UA logo. For a full list of benefits please see below:

Membership Benefits Corporate Member End-User Member Non-Voting Member UA Logo Member
IP policy protection ? ? ? ?
Access to OPC UA specifications ? ? ? ?
Access to OPC Classic specifications and sample code ?
Evaluation of OPC Foundation OPC UA source code ? ? ? ?
Use of OPC Foundation source code in commercial products ?
Distribution of OPC Foundation source code ?
Opportunities to join working groups, online discussion groups, and collaborations for new technology initiatives ?  ?  ?
Access to new draft specifications through participation in the working groups ? ? ?
Influence during the development of future OPC standards
Benefits of early insights
? ? ?
Access to OPC Compliance Test Tools free of charge ?
Buy OPC Compliance Test Tools as a service ? ? ?
Access to the OPC Certification Lab for testing of products (Corp member receives 50% discount) ? ?
Attendance at interoperability events ?
Make use of OPC member logo  ?  ?  ?
Make use of OPC UA technology logo  ?  ?  ?
Listing of OPC products in the online Product Guide ?
Announcing new products online ?
Newsletter and website sponsorship opportunities ?
Trade show and OPC event sponsorships ?
Participation in the annual OPC Foundation General Assembly Meeting ? ? ? ?


Membership Levels

  • Corporate members are OPC technology providers that offer OPC products. Membership dues are based on annual sales (see below).
  • End-User members are the consumers of OPC-based products.
  • Non-Voting members are organizations such as government and research institutions, universities and non-profit groups that require information on OPC technology, but who do not build or market OPC-based products.
  • UA Logo members offer OPC UA products.

Select the level that reflects your organization’s activity:

Membership Level Annual Worldwide Sales (in USD) Annual Dues (in USD)
Corporate, Class A >$100M $18,000
Corporate, Class B $20 – $100M $9,600
Corporate, Class C $2M – $20M $4,800
Corporate, Class D < $2M $3,000
End-User Membership $1,800
Non-Voting Membership $900
UA Logo Membership $0