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OPC UA Adoption by Honeywell Process Solutions

by Bill Lydon,
It is clear that OPC UA is transforming the architecture of industrial automation systems and providing a bridge to enterprise systems. By leveraging the Internet Protocol (IP), OPC UA provides an open architecture transparent mechanism to link information throughout an automation system from sensors to enterprise and Internet. More…

GE Invests in the Future with Controls Convergence Strategy

GE Intelligent Platforms announced progress against plans for consolidation of the company’s control platforms to enable the Industrial Internet. The company’s convergence strategy starts with standardization on open systems across the platforms to provide customers with interoperability, secure communications and an optimal user experience (UX).  More…

Non-Proprietary Controller-to-Controller Communications

by Bill Lydon,
The improvement of manufacturing productivity and quality requires sharing data and synchronizing controllers. This can now be accomplished by using new standards that were jointly developed by PLCopen and the OPC Foundation. More…

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