Control Boards (TCB & MCB)

The purpose of the OPC Foundation’s Control Boards is having small teams manage the day-to-day technical operation of the OPC Foundation..


Technical Control Board (TCB)

The TCB discusses, directs and supervises all technical activities, for instance core and companion specifications, open source repositories, development contracts, and more.
The TCB is also a first-level gate for new activities related to technology.

TCB “Mission Statement & Charter” – Download here

Karl Deiretsbacher, OPC Foundation, Chairperson (
Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
Jim Luth, Schneider Electric
Matthias Damm, Unified Automation
Martin Regen, Microsoft
Jeff Harding, ABB


Marketing Control Board (MCB)

The MCB discusses, directs and supervises all marketing activities, for instance on focus, strategy and wording of marketing, activities like trade show, all kind of collaterals and presentations, videos, web, press activities, social media, and more.
The MCB is also a first-level gate for new activities related to marketing.

MCB “Mission Statement & Charter” – Download here

Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation, Chairperson (
Karl Deiretsbacher, OPC Foundation
Mike Clark, OPC Foundation
Peter Lutz, OPC Foundation
Thomas Hahn, Siemens
Uwe Steinkrauss, Unified Automation
Erich Barnstedt, Microsoft
Rüdiger Fritz, SAP
Darek Kominek, Honeywell
Matthias Gärtner, Siemens
Paul Brooks, Rockwell Automation
Florian Fouillet, Schneider Electric