Dr. Holger Kenn

Dr. Holger Kenn, Director AI and MR Business Strategy, Microsoft

Dr. Holger Kenn is responsible for the technology strategy in the AI and MR business development team at Microsoft, working with a cross-functional team building out the ecosystem of technology partners, standards bodies, and other innovation catalysts in the domains of IoT and AI.

Previous roles within Microsoft include Architect, working with industrial OEMs to build a wide variety of AI- and IOT-powered industrial and consumer solutions across a range of industries and Applied Researcher in Microsoft Research, working on distributed systems technology and system-level innovations such as real-time hypervisors and security systems.

Outside of Microsoft, Dr. Kenn has led international research teams in the domains of robotics, wearable computing and AI at several international research organizations. Dr. Kenn earned a Ph.D. degree from Vrije Universiteit Brussels in Belgium, designing operating systems for autonomous systems.