Unified Architecture

Title: Global Discovery Server (GDS) Sample Description:

The Global Discovery Server (GDS) provides the necessary infrastructure to provide enterprise-wide administration of OPC UA Servers. This topic is covered in UA Specification Part 12 - Discovery and Global Services.


This GDS is an example that demonstrates the basic concepts only. In this GDS there is a single trust-list that will be shared by all configured UA Servers.


All of the code and documentation is found on GitHub.


The GitHub repository includes the following:


  • All source code in C#/.NET Core 2.0/.NET Framework v4.6
  • A sample GDS Server
  • Some sample utilities
  • Documentation: Overview, Installation, and Getting Started.



License: OPC Source Deliverable Agreement of Use


Sample code/ Reference Implementations are provided to OPC Foundation Corporate Members as-is for the primary purpose of demonstration and educational purposes. OPC Foundation Members may use the OPC Foundation deliverables for their Product development. (Members are not permitted to distribute OPC Foundation Source code (see OPC Foundation license agreement)


Technical support is provided in the form of sample code and synopsis documentation. The OPC Foundation will soon have a forum where the OPC Foundation members and community provide “support” for the advancement and adoption of OPC technology.


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