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Title: OPC UA for Process Automation Devices Description:

OPC UA Process Automation Device Information Model – PA-DIM(TM)“ defines a standardized information model for process automation devices in accordance with the OPC Foundation’s OPC-UA specifications.


PA-DIM is based on the requirements for the NAMUR Open Architecture (NE 175), Self-Monitoring and Diagnosis of Field Devices (NE107) and NAMUR standard device - Field devices for standard applications (NE 131).


The PA-DIM information model allows systems that use OPC-UA to implement common process automation applications without the need to understand the underlying communication protocol.  Some applications include:

  • Provide/receive information to/from HMIs, information apps, reporting apps, etc.
  • Provide information for inventory management and remote monitoring applications
  • Provide/receive information that is used by real time control applications such as reading process values and setting parameters
  • Device configuration and parameterization
  • Provide interfaces for configuring the security of a device, and for monitoring its current hardening status
  • Provide information for device dashboards


The protocol agnostic information model will allow software applications that are enabled with PA-DIM to access device information without additional mapping or protocol specific knowledge. The assignment of Dictionary references (IRDIs) enables software applications to relate the meaning of PA-DIM nodes to the Common Data Dictionary (IEC 61987).


PA-DIM focuses on standardizing a set of information and behaviour for specific classes of process automation devices (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Level, Valve Positioner) as defined in NE 131: “NAMUR standard device - Field devices for standard applications” independent of a certain communication protocol. 

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