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Location: Messe Frankfurt

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Frankfurt am Main

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The OPC Foundation is an exhibitor of the Achema 2022 (Aug 22-26, 2022)!

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The OPC Foundation is exhibiting at Achema for the first time because of the relevance and importance of OPC UA technology. But wait: “Data is the new currency” and “Protocols will play a subordinate role in the future” – right? So why does OPC UA play a key role in digital transformation? Because OPC UA is not just a protocol, but much more.

Join the 324 sqm OPC Foundation booth in hall 11.1 booth C3
The historically largest OPCF booth ever!

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1. Get a free ticket to vitis Achema here
2. Activities at the OPC booth
3. Activities at the fair
4. Hybrid OPCF press conference Tuesday, 23.08.2022 from 2pm – 3pm

  1. Get a free ticket to vitis Achema here
  • To get free tickets please use the coupon code A_WnbETA8t
    The coupon code is a multiple redeemable and exhibitor specific coupon code.
  • Visitors can register at www.achema.de/en/tickets and print their personal day ticket after entering the voucher code A_WnbETA8t (one-time admission, admission from 9:00 am).
  • Please note: Presentation of the voucher code or invitation PDF alone does not entitle the holder to admission to the exhibition grounds. Holders of a voucher code or invitation PDF must register on the Internet and print out their personal day ticket.
  1. Activities at the OPC booth
  • Ethernet APL: Live demo with APL devices including support of OPC UA to move data to cloud dashboards (E+H, P+F, Samson, Microsoft)
  • OPC UA GDS (Global Directory Server): Get explanation about features like Discovery, Certificate Management, Alias Database and Security Keys
    See live demo of commercial available UA GDS Server product from Unified Automation including devices from Beckhoff, Siemens and Leuze
  • OPC UA security: Learn about the enabling technology, the continuous monitoring, the education & guidance and results from analysis by experts
  • OPC UA for Field: Live demo including 19+ vendors supporting horizontal Controller-to-Controller communications based on OPC UA FX specification series – the one and only harmonized OPC UA solution for both Process and Factory Automation, including deterministic, motion, instrumentation and OPC UA Safety
  • OPC UA for Cloud: Live demo of 15+ devices from renowned automation vendors pushing information via OPC UA over MQTT to cloud dashboards.
    OPC UA over MQTT is the only IEC standard supporting field-to-multi-cloud solutions
  • Learn about standards based on or related to OPC UA
    • OPC UA Adaption in Process Industry: Why associations selected OPC UA as their communication framework in their standard like O-PAS, NOA, MTP
    • OPC UA helping to reduce engineering / testing costs – see examples from MDIS and DEXPI
    • LADS: The Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard
    • CAISI: Common Analytical Instrumentation System Integration

Join partner pods from:

  • COPA: Coalition for Open Process Automation and see their live demo O-PAS in action
  • FDT: Universal Device and Lifecycle Management
  • OPAF: The Open Process Automation Forum behind O-PAS (The Open Process Automation Standard)
  • OPEN-SCS: (The Open Serialization Communication Standard): See their live demo including companies advanco, Rotzinger, Uhlmann
  • Siemens: Meet the OPC UA expert from the world largest automation vendor
  • VDMA: The Global Production Language


  1. Activities at the fair


  • 09:15 am – 11:15 am – “Digital Innovation Stage” – Hall 11.04 I A43
    “Process Industry Data Model Integration Congress (PIDMIC) “Semantic Data Structures along the Plant Lifecycle”
    Session 1: International standardization and frame working bodies including ISO, IEC, Industry 4.0 and OPC UA
    including Stefan Hoppe, President OPC Foundation
  • 01:00 pm – 01:30 pm – Pharma Stage
    “OPEN-SCS: Track and Trace in the Pharmaceutical Industry”
    by Marcel de Grutter, Executive Director OPEN-SCS, Liaison Regulatory & Government Affairs AbbottExplanation of the Track and Trace requirements in Pharma which are a legal requirements around the globe but will also be the foundation of the Digital Transformation of HealthCare. Learn about use cases and demo of the Packaging Serialization Solution at Achema


  • 12:30 am – 01:30 pm – “Digital Lab Area” – Hall 4.1
    “Digital Transformation of the Lab through upcoming LADS and CAISI OPC UA Companion Specifications”
    • LADS: The Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard by Dr. Matthias Arnold, AixEngineers
    • CAISI: Common Analytical Instrumentation System Integration by Heiko Fessenmayr, Agilent


  • 03:45 pm – 04:15 pm – “Hall 11.0 – Karmesin”
    “OPC UA for the Process Industry: Status and Roadmap of the OPC Foundation”
    by Peter Lutz, OPC Foundation
    See article here Following OPC UA based sessions from 02:00pm – 04:00pm on “Digital Innovation Stage Hall 11.04 I A43”
  • 02:00 pm – 02:20 pm on “Digital Innovation Stage Hall 11.04 I A43”
    Session 1 : “OPC Foundation: Status & Update on Technology and Collaborations”
    by Stefan Hoppe, President OPC FoundationThe OPC Foundation is the world’s largest ecosystem for secure industrial interoperability. This presentation will summarize all new initiatives to foster the goal of one unified solution for process and factory automation that scales from the field to the cloud. Attendees will be updated on the status and roadmap of both the technology e.g., the UA .NET User Group and on the collaborations with regard to the Asset Administration Shell, namely the IDTA and joint efforts for the Process Industry with FieldComm Group, NAMUR, and OPAF.”
  • 02:20 pm – 02:40 pm on “Digital Innovation Stage Hall 11.04 I A43”
    Session 2 : “OPC UA in the Process Industry: Status and Roadmap”
    by Stefan Hoppe, President OPC FoundationOPC UA is the unique technology that combines all the requirements for the challenges of digitalization: independence, built-in security, standardized information exchange, scalability from the field to the cloud, open-source-based on an IEC standard. However, the key is to collaborate with other SDOs to create the largest network of experts who agree on standardized information and make it openly available.
    This presentation will provide an overview of information models developed jointly, with OPAF, NAMUR, FieldComm Group, MDIS Network, and DEXPI, focusing on the process industry. ”
  • 02:40 pm – 03:00 pm on “Digital Innovation Stage Hall 11.04 I A43”
    Session 3 : “Cloud Connectivity with OPC UA – Benefits and Application Examples”
    by Alexander Allmendinger, Lead OPCF Test Lab EuropeFor many years, the OPC Foundation has highlighted the scalability of the OPC UA technology, from sensors to the cloud. This session will provide details regarding cloud  initiatives within the OPC Foundation in order to enable seamless information exchange for IIoT and Industrie 4.0 scenarios. Learn about the benefits of OPC UA over MQTT as a multi cloud solution and dive into live demonstrations, including Ethernet-APL communication from major vendors, like Samson, who are exhibiting at this trade show.”
  • 03:00 pm – 03:20 pm on “Digital Innovation Stage Hall 11.04 I A43”
    Session 4 : “OPC UA for Field, Including Ethernet APL & Instrumentation”
    by Peter Lutz, Director Field Level Communications Initiative, OPC FoundationLearn about the newly established OPCF Instrumentation Working Group and the importance of Ethernet-APL as part of the Field Level Communications (FLC) Initiative of the OPC Foundation. This solution approach is designed to expand the scope of OPC UA to the field level and to establish OPC UA as a harmonized communication solution for process and factory automation. This presentation gives a general update on the status of the FLC Initiative, explains the overall concept of OPC UA for Field eXchange (FX), and provides insights into the initiative’s roadmap.”
  • 03:20 pm – 03:40 pm on “Digital Innovation Stage Hall 11.04 I A43”
    Session 5 : “OPC UA Safety: Functional Safety Communication for the Process Industry”
    by Peter Lutz, Director Field Level Communications Initiative, OPC FoundationInitiated by a Joint Working Group between the OPC Foundation (OPCF) and PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), OPC UA Safety has become an interoperable and vendor-independent OPC Foundation communication standard for functional safety . The resulting specification is openly available for all interested parties. The technology is based on the Black Channel principle and addresses both controller-to-controller and controller-to-device communication, using OPC UA Client/Server and/or PubSub. The presentation gives an introduction to OPC UA Safety, explains the Unique Value Propositions (UVP), and provides insights into the status of the initiative’s roadmap, including the status of the Safety Stack.”
  • 03:40 – 04:00 pm on “Digital Innovation Stage Hall 11.04 I A43”
    Session 6 : “Transformation to an Information Network in Three Steps: Information Models as the Key to Digitalization” 
    by Mike Clark, Director North America, OPC FoundationIIoT and Industrie 4.0 systems are not starting from an empty page in a scratch book but, rather, are extending existing systems. In brownfield installations, a working transformation strategy is key to successfully taking advantage of new capabilities. Depending on the current state, control system migrations appear to be problematic and error-prone, especially when facing the potential of a reevaluation after only a few years. by following three generic steps, starting with simply sending data via gateways to the cloud, culminating with having a native IIoT/Industrie 4.0 solution, control system migration will succeed, becoming future proof, while early key advantages can be leveraged from the very beginning.”


  1. Hybrid OPCF press conference Tuesday, 23.08.2022 from 2pm – 3pm

The OPC Foundation is hosting a hybrid press conference with extremly amazing topics and speakers

We provide updates on UA in the World of Process Industry, including Ethernet-APL, Field, Cloud and News on Information Models
We do not broadcast pre-recorded material – instead, all speakers are live in this hybrid press conference, presenting the news, but are also available for questions and answers.
Join this OPC Foundation hybrid press conference to get an update on these exciting topics:

  • OPC Foundation: News world by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
  • Process Industry: Statements about adaption
    – Ethernet-APL & OPC UA: Demo from field to cloud by Guido König (Samson)
    – Ethernet-APL & OPC UA: ABB vendor point of view by Stefan Basenach (ABB)
  • OPC UA for Field by Peter Lutz, OPC Foundation
    – OPCF Field Level Communications Initiative (FLC): New Instrumentation WG
    – New Instrumentation WG: Extending FLC activities by collaboration with FCG
    – Demonstrators: Controller-to-Controller / OPC UA Safety
  • OPC UA for Cloud by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
    – OPC UA over MQTT: Why, Status, Adaption
  • Collaborations
    Speakers: Stefan Hoppe (OPC Foundation), Don Bartusiak (OPAF), Bob Hagenau (COPA), Dr. Matthias Arnold (AixEngineers), Heiko Fessenmayr (Agilent)
    – Overview collaboration & news
    – PA-DIM: Extending ownership
    – OPEN-SCS: First demonstrator available
    – The OPEN-Group: Open Process Automation Forum
    – COPA: Coalition for Open Process Automation
    – LADS: The Laboratory and Analytical Device Standard
    – CAISI: Common Analytical Instrumentation System Integration
  • Summary by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation