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Date: 06/10/2024

Location: Messe Frankfurt

Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
Frankfurt am Main

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The OPC Foundation is an exhibitor of the Achema 2024 (June 10-14, 2024)!

See landing page Achema here 

The OPC Foundation is exhibiting at Achema because of the relevance and importance of OPC UA technology. But wait: “Data is the new currency” and “Protocols will play a subordinate role in the future” – right? So why does OPC UA play a key role in digital transformation? Because OPC UA is not just a protocol, but much more.

Join the 140 sqm OPC Foundation booth in hall 11.0 booth C3

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1. Get a free ticket to visit Achema here
2. Members & Partners on the OPC Foundation booth

3. Activities at the OPC booth

  1. Get a free ticket to vitis Achema here
  • To get free tickets please register with this link https://www.achema.de/en/for-visitors/tickets?guco_act=A_XRbrBrJ8 and print their personal day ticket (voucher code A_XRbrBrJ8) for a one-time admission, admission from 9:00 am.
  • Please note: Presentation of the voucher code or invitation PDF alone does not entitle the holder to admission to the exhibition grounds. Holders of a voucher code or invitation PDF must register on the Internet and print out their personal day ticket.

  1. Members & Partners on the OPC Foundation booth
    We welcome our sponsors


  2. Activities at the OPC booth
  • Ethernet APL: Live demo with APL enabled devices from SAMSON, Pepperl-Fuchs, Beckhoff including support of OPC UA to move data to cloud dashboards
  • Brownfield: How to provide NOA requirements including an OPC UA Server for e.g. HART enabled devices
  • OPC UA GDS (Global Directory Server): Get explanation about features like Discovery, Certificate Management, Alias Database and Security Keys
    See live demo of commercial available UA GDS Server product from Unified Automation including devices from Beckhoff, Phoenix-Contact, Siemens and Leuze
  • OPC UA security: Learn about the EU Cyber Resiliance Act (CRA) requirements and the OPC UA enabling technology, the continuous monitoring, the education & guidance and results from analysis by experts
  • Learn about the OPC Foundation Cloud Initiative and the OPC UA based demonstrators for the Digital Product Passport (DPP) and the Digital Battery Passport (DBP) including the AAS interfaces.
  • OPC UA for Field: Live demo including 27+ vendors supporting horizontal Controller-to-Controller communications based on OPC UA FX specification series – the one and only harmonized OPC UA solution for both Process and Factory Automation, including deterministic, motion, instrumentation and OPC UA Safety
  • OPC UA for Cloud: Live demo of 53+ devices from renowned automation vendors pushing information via OPC UA over MQTT to cloud dashboards.
    OPC UA over MQTT is the only IEC standard supporting field-to-multi-cloud solutions