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ARC Industry Forum


Location: Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

6677 Sea Harbor Drive
United States

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The OPC Foundation is a proud Gold Sponsor at the upcoming 2024 ARC Forum in Orlando (FL) from Feb 05-08, 2024.


Please join our large booth including 2 demonstrators:

  • Field demo: See an impressive demo including 25 of the world’s top automation companies who are communicating with each other on standardization results of the OPC Foundation’s Field Level Communications Initiative.
  • Cloud demo: See 53+ assets, like PLC controllers, robots, etc. publishing “OPC UA over MQTT” via an MQTT broker to cloud dashboards from both AWS and Microsoft Azure and SAP.

No further adopter and no further subscriber routines need to be implemented: Simply ONE IEC standard providing multi-cloud supplier solutions.

Join the OPC session: Join the 90-minute session on Feb 7, 2024 14:00 – 15:30 (GMT-05:00) :

Standardized and Secure Interoperability from Sensor to Cloud Using OPC UA
End users, integrators and OPC Foundation executives explain how OPC UA is bringing the industrial world together through secure, interoperable systems. After 20 years of interoperability solutions in the OT world and in the field, the expanded focus on cloud initiatives and OT/IT convergence through the OPC UA standard (IEC 62541), which also complies with EU regulations, will be explained.


Please also join the panel on Feb 6, 2024 16:00 – 17:30 (GMT-05:00) in track 5 (O10) @ Oceans Ballroom

The State of the Hydrogen Marketplace”

The market for hydrogen is growing and the transition to low carbon or green hydrogen is expanding at a record pace. New infrastructure for hydrogen production and distribution is being built, including blue hydrogen with CCUS and green hydrogen made by electrolysis powered by carbon free power. There are new markets for low carbon and green hydrogen and existing hydrogen consuming industries like ammonia, refining and methanol have started to shift to low carbon or green hydrogen. This session will show some examples of how the hydrogen marketplace is evolving.


Meet OPC representatives like

  • Mike Clark, Director OPC Foundation North America
  • Peter Lutz, Director OPC Foundation Field Level Communications Initiative
  • Jim Luth, CTO OPC Foundation
  • Paul Hunkar, Director OPC Foundation Certification
  • Stefan Hoppe, President & Executive Director OPC Foundation