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Conference “OPC UA meets IT”


Location: Hannover Convention Center


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The IT world desires to utilize the data from the OT space to be combined with additional concepts like Asset Administration Shell, Data Spaces, Digital Twins and Metaverse: All these initiatives and solutions are about sharing information between multiple companies with different use cases like product lifecycle data (AAS) or governance data (DataSpaces) etc.

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  • When: Thursday April, 20th, 2023 from 11:00h – 13:00h
  • Where: Hannover Messe – Convention Center – Hall B


TIME Topic
11:00h Welcome & Intro
by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
Competition or complement: How does AAS fit with the interoperability solutions AML & OPC UA?
by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Drath, Pforzheim University
Is AAS replacing OPC UA and AML? Will the AAS perform all required data exchange related to industrial assets? This presentation provides a clear understanding of each technology’s focus and presents a big picture how AAS, AML and OPC UA work together seamlessly in the future. This big picture avoids double or competitive standardization and modelling, resulting in a technology landscape that complements and enhances the interoperability technologies by integrating the strengths of AutomationML, OPC UA & Asset Administration Shell. 
Engineering view on digital twin systems, dataspaces and AI
Ongoing initiatives ranging from Industrie 4.0, International Data Spaces (IDS) to Manufacturing-X propose a huge amount of architectural models, standards and technological concepts to be applied for industrial production ecosystems. This presentation tries to adjust these enabling proposals from an engineering point of view in order to give some guidance for system engineers. It concludes with a consideration of AI systems engineering, i.e., how to systematically include AI methods into such architectures.
Use-Case “Industrial Interoperability with OPC UA and the AAS”
by Detlef Tenhagen, Harting
Technologies like OPC UA and AAS are not competing instead complementary: With Harting’s new SmEC (Smart Electrical Connector) it’s easy to show both technologies save time and money during the connector’s design, production, installation, operation and maintenance, by combining these technologies with software solutions from HARTING, Siemens, SAP and Microsoft.
This presentation is about a real-world use-case describing the benefits and demonstrating the value of interoperability leveraging IEC standards in several phases of a product’s lifecycle.
Building the Industrial Metaverse with OPC UA
by Erich Barnstedt, Chief Architect Standards, Consortia & Industrial IoT, Azure Edge & Platform, Microsoft Corporation
OPC UA can be easily integrated into Industrial Metaverse applications to leverage the benefits that standardized OPC UA Information Models and OPC UA PubSub provide. This talk will explain step by step how an end-to-end solution can be built and present a live demo.
The OPC UA – W3C Web of Things – ChatGPT Dream Team: Say Goodbye to Manual Asset Onboarding
by Dr. Sebastian Käbisch, Siemens AG
Discover how ChatGPT enables automatic onboarding of industrial assets with proprietary interfaces for Industrial IoT projects. Leveraging the power of two open standards, OPC UA and W3C Web of Things (WoT), it reduces engineering costs and saves a lot of time usually spent manually mapping “tags”. The talk will give an outlook on the potential of how OPC UA information models can be easily derived from WoT Thing Descriptions generated automatically by ChatGPT.
Overview OPC Foundation working groups with IT focus
by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation
– OPC UA over MQTT
– OPC UA For Asset Administration Shell
– UA Cloud Library
– Cloud Repository
– IIoT Starter Kit…
13:00 End of conference