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SPS 2024

Date: 11/12/2024

Location: Messezentrum Nürnberg


Map and Directions

SPS now means “Smart Production Solutions” (previous “SPS IPC Drives”) 

OPC Foundation booked a 275 sqm booth at SPS 2024 to show status of OPC UA technology,  products and solutions from OPC members – join our booth H5-140

Entry Ticket: To get your free of charge entry voucher please contact karola.wauro_at_opcfoundation.org

Public Press Conference

  • details will be provided soon

Information from year 2023:

We are adressing these topics:

1. UA Cloud initiative

1.1 Demonstrator EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) based on OPC UA

Our partner CESMII showcases an EU Digital Product Passport (DPP) proof of concept, containing a Product Carbon Footprint Smart Manufacturing Profile™ based on OPC UA. In addition, the DPP leverages the Asset Administration Shell Exchange file format (AASX) as well as the Asset Administration Shell REST (AAS REST) interface from the Plattform Industrie 4.0. The DPP was designed using the recently updated CESMII Smart Manufacturing Profile Designer™, which is also on display at the OPC Foundation booth.

This means, that as an example 2 AAS sub-models (the Digital Nameplate and Product Carbon Footprint) have been modeled with OPC UA. The resulting model can be loaded into a standard OPC UA server or into the AAS Repository and accessed through the AAS-REST interface. This demo has been established within just 3 days thanks to the large existing OPC UA eco-system with several commercial modeling tools readily available.

1.2 OPC UA connects the industry to the Metaverse

The work on the Metaverse concept and real world examples for Digital Twins in industrial automation have been completed and are shown.

1.3 IIoT Connectivity with OPC UA over MQTT

Our demonstrator is constantly growing – today assets of 53 vendors are connected via OPC UA over MQTT to aws and Azure dashboards. Visit the demonstrator and learn about the latest updates to the OPC UA specifications to establish interoperable IoT/IIoT scenarios.

2. Field Level Communications Initiative  

2.2 New Ethernet-APL Demonstrator

Together with SAMSON as a device manufacturer and Prosys OPC providing an edge gateway, this demonstrator shows integration strategies for a smooth transition from traditional field devices to smart Ethernet-based devices utilizing OPC UA in resource-constraint devices.

2.3 UAFX demonstrator including C2C, OPC UA Safety and OPC UA over 5G

Learn more about the finalized UAFX specifications for Controller-to-Controller (C2C), shown in a demonstrator including 22 major automation companies and technology providers including OPC UA Safety and OPC UA over 5G. We also share the roadmap and current status of Phase 2 of the Field Level Communications Initiative. This 2nd phase covers the controller-to-device (C2D) use-cases including the development of application profiles for motion control devices, field instruments and I/O peripherals.

3. Solutions by members and partners at the show

3.1 OPC Foundation members exhibiting at SPS show

OPC Foundation is a worldwide organization with 960+ members – 132 companies also exhibit at this years SPS show. Please find the list and their booth location here https://lnkd.in/e2ErWjXf

3.2 OPC Foundation members & partners on OPC Foundation booth We proudly welcome 14 members and 4 partners at the OPC Foundation booth! We encourage you to visit there partner pods to learn about their solutions and offering.

Additional details on SPS may be found here.