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SESAM Seminar: Connectivity on Factory Floor – TSN, MQTT & OPC UA

Date: 03/01/2018

Location: Siemens A/S Copenhagen
Borupvang 9
Copenhagen - Ballerup
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This seminar will focus on the opportunities that TSN technologies offer in relation to the connectivity of Factory Floor application – automation world.

Attend the seminar and hear about TSN, MQTT and OPC UA and the influence on factory floor automation environment. Get a picture of the future opportunities that TSN, MQTT and OPC UA will give in conjunction with automation connectivity.

OPC Unified Architecture: The Industrial Interoperability Standard

  • Security: built in by design – proven by security experts
  • International: IEC62541 standard – globally accepted
  • Information model – flexible semantic for vertical markets
  • Open availability open source on GitHub
  • Scalable from small devices into Cloud
  • Independent of vendor, market, operating system, language
  • Transport TCP / HTTPS / UDP / AMQP / MQTT / extendable

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