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OPC Day Manufacturing in Nagoya hosted by Mitsubishi Electric

Date: 07/04/2019

Location: Nagoya Convention Hall
4-60-12 Hiraike-chou, Nakamura-ku,
Rooms 301 and 302
Nagoya, Aichi
Map and Directions


Please register here to attend the OPC Foundation Seminar in Nagoya hosted by Mitsubishi Electric on July 4th

The conference will feature OPC Unified Architecture experts and users from a number of industries. Catering will be included during the conference sessions.

This event is open to both OPC Foundation members and non-members.
Conference language is Japanese
The registration had to be stopped due to room size.


10:00h"開会のご挨拶 三菱電機"
10:10h世界のOPC- 現況と展望 by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation, 代表
IVI 代表理事 西岡靖之
11:10hOPC UA コンパニオン仕様:成功への鍵!by Andreas Faath, VDMA
公開:OPC協議会 ロボティクス情報モデル
公開:新ワールドG3 「マシンビジョン」OPC UAコンパニオン仕様
プロトタイプ:OPC協議会 工作機械向け情報モデル「umati」
13:10h三菱電機の考える OPC UA
13:40h自動化ピラミッドのダイナミズムと柔軟性を牽引するOPC UA by SAP
14:00hオープンな製造プラットフォームとOPC UAで推進する産業用IoT
by Cathy Yeh, Microsoft
川野俊充 ベッコフオートメーション株式会社
15:40hTSNを包含するOPCF フィールドレベル通信 by Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation, 代表
16:00h日本におけるOPCの活動 大野 敏生, 日本OPC協議会
16:10hQ&A, 閉会のご挨拶


Benefits of attending:

This conference will focus on the rich feature set of OPC UA and the unique ways that End Users are putting these features to use in their applications.

By attending this conference you will:

  • Learn why automotive industry end users request OPC UA
  • Hear about OPC UA from Mitsubishi point of few with focus on manufacturing
  • Learn about CC-Link and OPC UA roadmap and status
  • Learn about the new Open Manufacturer Platform (OMP) initiated by BMW and Microsoft
  • Learn how OPC UA fits into the Internet of Things, Industrie 4.0, China 2025 and Korea Manufacturing initiative
  • Learn why the VDMA selected OPC UA as the standard for Industrie4.0
  • Get insights on VDMA Groups Injection moulding, Machine Vision and Robotic developing information models based on OPC UA
  • Hear why end-users are requiring vendors to build OPC UA into their products
  • Learn how to connect your machine to SAP within 30min
  • Learn how active collaborations with other industry organizations are working to revolutionize the transformation of data, providing an infrastructure for the modeling of information
  • Network with industry experts and peers


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