The joint VDMA and OPC Foundation working group “VDMA End-of-Arm Tools Initiative” will develop OPC UA information models for different End-of-Arm Tools (EoAT). Examples for these End-of-Arm Tools are grippers, screwdrivers, welding machines and exchange units (Figure 1). These tools can be used in conjunction with a robot or independently. The working group will follow the example of the VDMA OPC Robotics and OPC Vision Companion Specifications.

Technical overview

The working group will develop companion specifications for the different categories of End-of-Arm-Tools illustrated in Figure 1. The concrete structure and clustering will be worked out within the group based on common properties. Each specification will be split up in several parts from part 1 to part n. Part 1 includes a basic description of the respective End-of-Arm Tool and has the main scope to generate data for asset management and condition monitoring, which can be used by higher level manufacturing systems (line PLC, MES, Cloud) for information and diagnostic purposes. Subsequent parts will extend this basic description and cover other use cases, e. g. to configure and control an End-of-Arm Tool.


  • Contact Mr Etienne Axmann, VDMA under Etienne.Axmann@vdma.org