Fibre and yarn testing devices


The joint VDMA and OPC Foundation “Fibre and yarn testing devices” OPC UA Working Group will develop an OPC UA Information Model for the interface to testing instruments for fibres and yarns (Testers) used by communication partners (CP), e.g. manufacturing execution systems (MES) or laboratory data management systems.


Technical Overview

The implicit and explicit information model specified by the working group “OPC UA for fibre and yarn testing devices” will be defined into a UA companion specification using OPC UA constructs for the purpose of providing information for data transfer from and to testing instruments for fibres and yarns, e.g. in the spinning industry.

The target of “OPC UA for fibre and yarn testing devices” is to provide a unique interface for Testers and CP from different manufacturers to ensure compatibility. Online testing devices are not within the scope of “OPC UA for fibre and yarn testing devices”.

The following functionalities shall be covered: 

  • General information about the Testing Device (e.g.: identification parameters)
  • Current configuration and status of the Testing Device
  • Logbook of relevant changes on the machine
  • Job management (Information on the jobs running and methods to interact)
  • Parameter set management: Testers store their configurations in so-called parameter sets. These include information on detailed testing conditions (speed, length, …). “OPC UA for fibre and yarn testing devices” allows transferring parameter sets between Testers and CP (e.g. for building a central repository of parameter sets).
  • Test result transfer: Testers generate test results which can be transferred to the CP.



Olaf Stecken,