Glass Industries


The joint VDMA and OPC Foundation Working Group “VDMA OPC Glass Industries Initiative” will develop an OPC UA information model for the communication of glass processing and producing machines. For communication between glass producing and processing machines and the higher-level systems/devices as well as M2M in the respective processes, a universal manufacturer-independent interface based on OPC UA is to be created.


The OPC UA Glass Industries Companion Specification includes a very basic and general description of the glass production and processing equipment and a basic description of the flat glass cutting equipment. Main scope is to transport condition data of glass production and processing equipment, in particular flat glass cutting systems vertically into higher level manufacturing systems (MES; etc.) for information and diagnostic purposes as well horizontally to directly connected machines. The basic description of the glass cutting system is supplemented by selected use cases, e. g. machine identification or condition monitoring applications.


The Kick-off meeting was on April 29th, 2019 as an electronic Kick-Off.
For further information contact Mrs Gesine Bergmann

This group is open for OPC Members of categories “Corporate Members”, “End-Users”, “Non-Voting-Members” but not open for “UA-Logo-Members”.