International Data Space Association (IDSA)

OPC UA system adapter ensures an easy integration into the IDS ecosystem


The OPC Foundation and the International Data Space Association (IDSA) have agreed to collaborate in the development of specifications, white papers, guidelines and processes that provide the infrastructure necessary for the two organizations to promote system wide interoperability. Deliverables from the collaboration between the two organizations will benefit the members of both of the respective organizations in the pursuit of developing and achieving information integration across the multitude of domains.
The definitions and interfaces of International Data Space and OPC complement each other and will form the basis for a future secure and efficient exchange of data in all industries. The cooperation of both organizations will help to simplify the implementation of new data oriented applications and services.

Technical Content

International Data Space is the “data hinge” between Smart Services and Industry 4.0 production and logistics. Smart Services provide companies with the opportunity to stand out from the competition. But they increase the complexity of supply chains and production processes enormously. The solution lies in autonomizing and networking production and logistics, i.e. industry 4.0. Both need data: about customers and their context (i.e. location, preferences etc.), about products and goods. This data can now be exchanged by everybody, with everybody in the market. Industrial Data Space forms a foundation for industry 4.0 by enabling secure and certified data exchange between companies without the data owners losing sovereignty, i.e. control, over their own data. It therefore helps to utilise and spread smart service concepts.
In order to enable the data exchange between different types of devices, the reference architecture and the standardisation efforts of the Industrial Data Space develops and uses an OPC UA system adapter. The OPC UA system adapter ensures an easy integration of OPC UA into the IDS ecosystem and therefore enables use-cases and services based on a secure and certified data exchange (e.g. predictive maintenance or condition monitoring) over company boundaries. The integration of OPC UA into the IDS will be implemented and demonstrated within a reference use-case.

Companies Behind

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More Information

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Dr.-Ing. Christian Haas, Fraunhofer IOSB, christian.haas[at]
Lars Nagel, Industrial Data Space Association, lars.nagel[at]

About International Data Space Association

INTERNATIONAL DATA SPACE stands for secure data exchange between companies in which the data provider is always the owner of that data and still keeps control over the use of their data. The INTERNATIONAL DATA SPACE ASSOCIATION defines the basic conditions and governance for a reference architecture and interfaces with the objective of setting up an international standard. This standard is actively developed and updated on the basis of use cases. It forms the basis for a variety of certifiable software solutions, smart services and business models, the development of which is encouraged by the association.