The joint VDMA and OPC Foundation Working Group “VDMA OPC Mining Initiative” will develop an OPC UA information model for the communication of mining machinery and equipment. For communication between mining machineries and equipment and the higher-level systems/devices in the respective processes, a universal manufacturer-independent interface based on OPC UA is to be created.


The OPC UA Companion Specification Mining includes a basic description of the mining machineries and equipment. Main scope is to support the machine to machine communication in the different processes in mining and vertically into higher level mine operation systems for control, information and diagnostic purposes. The basic description of the mining machinery and equipment is supplemented by selected use cases, e. g. longwall conveying, mobile mining machineries and mine operations.


Figure1 : Map – Mining

Figure2 : Structure WG and ACG

The structure of the VDMA OPC UA mining Initiative is divided into the Working Group (WG) and the Application Case Group (ACG)


  • Kick-off was held on Oct 24th, 2019
  • Dr. Mavroudis, Eickhoff Mining Technology, email
  • Joern.Lehmann (VDMA), email