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OpenSCSOPEN-SCS (Open Serialization Communication Standard) Working Group Overview

Driven by Healthcare Providers, the OPEN-SCS initiative directly addresses the Healthcare Industry’s Product Serialization Regulation Wave of the next decade. The OPEN-SCS Working Group (OPEN-SCS) is partnered with the OPC Foundation to develop an open source standard in the Packaging Serialization Global Name Registry and an associated set of subscription-based work products.  The open standard and work products are focused on the standardization of data exchanges for Healthcare packaging serialization and the aggregations between a Healthcare provider’s  enterprise serialization management function and their product packaging lines.  This includes interfaces between Levels 2-to-3 and 3-to-4 for Level 2 plant (line and equipment) and supply chain packaging serialization activities (distribution centers (DC) and warehouses) and Level 3 functions (plant and warehouse operations management). The scope of the 2016/17 work products focuses on data exchanges for 6 proposed use cases in two data exchange categories:  1. Mandatory Services and 2.  Support Services which are addressed in  6 common Packaging Line Serialization System Configurations.

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Serialization Standard Feasibility Study

A new draft Feasibility Study is now available. Download it here.

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