VDMA Working Group Industrie 4.0 / OPC UA Drive Technology


The joint VDMA and OPC Foundation working group “Industrie 4.0 / OPC UA Drive Technology” will develop OPC UA information models for the powertrain. The working group is also in contact to the ZVEI working group “Industrie 4.0 Elektrische Antriebe” which defines vendor-neutral characteristics and functions for electrical drives for Industrie 4.0 applications.
Powertrain stands for a drive system that includes the motor starter, complete drive module (CDM), electric motor and transmission elements. The CDM includes for example a frequency converter with all additional components like electrical infeed, input and output filter etc.

Powertrains can be used in various industrial applications. Everything that has to be moved, turned, lifted or positioned can be converted with drive technology.

The OPC UA Drive Technology Companion Specification will be split up into several parts from part 1 to part n.
Part 1 includes a basic description of the powertrain and its main scope is to provide essential technical data for asset management applications and diagnostic purposes. Subsequent parts will extend the basic powertrain description and cover other use cases, e.g. to configure a powertrain and to enable condition monitoring applications.


Tobias Hitzel, tobias.hitzel@vdma.org