• February 2018:
    Kick-Off Meeting of “PROFIsafe over OPC UA”, a joint working group between OPC Foundation and Profibus & Profinet International
  • November 2018
    First presentation at OPCF press conference during SPS trade show 2018


  • April 2019:
    The FLC (Field-Level Communications) Initiative of the OPC Foundation decides to make of it for the safe exchange of data, and the working group is moved into that initiative
  • July 2019:
    The specification is renamed “OPC UA Part 15: Safety” and becomes part of the OPC core set of specifications
  • October 2019:
    Publication of OPC UA Safety Specification Release 1.04 (Evaluated against IEC 61784-3 by TÜV Süd)
    FLC Initiative funds the development of an OPC UA Safety test tool
  • March 2020:
    FLC Initiative funds development of a stack and invites other companies to participate
  • November 2021:
    Publication of OPC UA Safety Specification Release 1.05


  • uses either OPC UA Client/Server or OPC UA PubSub (with or without TSN)
  • unidirectional, bidirectional, and multicast communication patterns
  • arbitrary structured user data, length: 1-1500 bytes
  • arbitrary network-topology: line, tree, star, ring, mesh, …
  • dynamic establishment of safe connections during runtime
  • no requirements on regular (i.e. non-safe) network participants
  • no need for synchronized clocks
  • unlimited number of network components and terminals
  • unlimited data rate


  • OPC UA Safety Technical Paper Link
  • OPC UA Safety Introduction Link
  • OPC UA Safety Stack Link
  • OPC UA Safety Test Tool Link


Chairperson Christian Eitner