VDMA – Weighing


The joint VDMA and OPC Foundation Working Group “VDMA OPC Weighing Technology Initiative” will develop an universal manufacturer-independent OPC UA information model for the communication of weighing instruments/systems with peripherals, automation and other higher-level devices/systems in the respective manufacturing/research/logistic/sales processes.

Technical overview

The scope of the OPC UA Weighing Technology Companion Specification is to exchange relevant data for information and diagnostic purposes as well as to set configuration and production parameters such as target weight, tare weight and offsets. The interface also provides type specific data of the weighing instrument/system.

The basic description of the weighing instruments/systems includes the following use cases / applications:

  • Catchweighing Scales
    – Automatic Weight Labeling Scales
    – Automatic Price Labeling Scales
    – Automatic Checkweighing Scales
  • Simple Scales
    – Retail Scales
    – Laboratory Scales
    – Hopper Scales
    – Vehicle Scales
    – Load Cells, Weight Sensors
  • Continously Weighing Scales
    – Continously Dispensing Scales
    – Continously Registrating Scales
  • Automatic Filling Scales
  • Piece Counting Scales
  • Recipe Weighing Scales
  • Totalizing Scales
    – Automatic Totalizing Hopper Scales
    – Manually totalizing Floor Scales


More information


Dirk Bösel, dirk.boesel@vdma.org