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OPC UA – Plug & Work


The production in the woodworking industry nowadays implies more and more digital manufacturing processes to gain efficiency and competitiveness through integrated data management and analysis. This means that woodworking machines need to be connected to each other and form a production network linked to an ERP/MES system or a cloud. Without a standard communication protocol connecting machinery from different suppliers, software programming is always required, thus affecting efficiency and costs.

For this reason, eight leading European woodworking machinery manufacturers have formed a working group to define a common language, that enables a seamless communication between machines of different brands. The framework for a new standard, called “Plug & Work”, was launched at LIGNA 2019. This project is specific for the woodworking industry and is based upon the OPC UA standard (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture).

Under the roof of EUMABOIS and VDMA, the JWG WWM is defining a standardized semantic architecture specially for the woodworking industry. The plan is to finalize this ambitious and challenging project in 2020. In order to maximize the benefits for the clients within the woodworking industry worldwide, the JWG is also cooperating with other OPC UA related projects in the mechanical engineering sector, in particular its machine tool manufacturers’ counterpart, the umati JWG which is developing a specific language dedicated to machine tools.

Companies behind

  • BIESSEGroup
  • IMA Schelling Group
  • SCM


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  • Dr. Eckhard Licher, VDMA e.V., Woodworking