Weihenstephan Standards


The Working Group “OPC UA for Weihenstephan Standards” is mapping the existing “Weihenstephan Standards (WS)” to an OPC UA information model. The Working Group is primarily addressed to the members of the existing Weihenstephan Standards working group, which created the WS.

Technical overview

The scope of the Working Group is the creation of OPC UA Companion Specifications (CS) for the existing “Weihenstephan Standards”, e.g. WS Food, Pack, Bake, Brew. The Weihenstephan standards cover different domains, such as packaging and food processing machinery, whose special machines show almost no similarities. Since these machines also need different permutations of data sets available in the information model, it is not possible to describe one single OPC UA information model that is valid for all special machines within the domain of packaging and food machinery.

As a conclusion, the planned CS does not provide a complete domain specific OPC UA information model, but rather a generic methodology how these tags within these standards have to be mapped into the OPC UA address space. The data types needed for this mapping and the generic part of the information model, which is not specific to the individual Weihenstephan Standards, will be described in the CS. WS templates specify, depending on the domain under consideration, data points for individual machines. Figure 1 shows the layer model of the WS.

Due to the special situation of the Weihenstephan Standards, which describes special machines in different domains, a new document structure (see figure 2) had to be introduced.


About Weihenstephan Standards Working Group

The Weihenstephan Standards Working Group consists of market leaders in the domain of packaging, filling and general food processing. Within this working group, a universal communication interface was developed for connecting machines to higher-level data collection systems such as a MES (Manufacturing Execution System). The definition of the necessary data points and content is made separately for each subdomain and currently specified for beverage bottling and packaging machines (WS Pack), machines for food processing (WS Food) and further specialized for the backing (WS Bake) and brewing (WS Brew) industry. The working group is managed by the chair for food packaging technology at the Technical University of Munich.

Please find further information herehttp://www.weihenstephan-standards.com/index.php?id=2&L=1



The Kick-off Meeting is scheduled for July 18th, 2019 at 10AM CET as F2F meeting in Weihenstephan. In parallel you can dial in via web conference.

For registration please contact Mr. Christoph Nophut (TUM), christoph.nophut@tum.de