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Designated Representative: Claudio Fiorani
Category: Corporate Member

Progea went into operation in 1990 in response to strong demands for software and services in the automation sector. Their vast experience and ever increasing know-how, through research and collaborating with leading companies, has matured to secure the foundations for developing user interface solutions with their SCADA/HMI platforms product based on their steadfast philosophy of openness, quality, scalability and innovation combined with userfriendliness and cost effectiveness. Thorough research is always ongoing in technology, ergonomics and affordability to sustain and produce concrete all-in-one scada software that can be deployed in absolutely any industrial and civil sector. The Progea products Movicon 11 and Platform.NExT are rebranded by prestigious worldwide players in the automation field among which include Phoenix Contact, ABB, VIPA, Panasonic, Asem, just to name but a few. Progea has now gone International with subsidiaries in the major European countries including Germany, USA, Switzerland and Italy, employing over 40 personnel. These subsidiaries present and sell the Progea products through a capillary sales network covering all of Europe and beyond through a global distribution network across Europe, USA, and Asia. Over 20 years of experience and 90,000 installations worldwide, providing technical support and top notch customer support, places them at the top of one of the leading professional contenders in the industrial software product field with worldwide recognition at a steady growing with high rate. Among many of its client references listed are: TetraPak, Ferrari, ABB, IVECO, ENI, TEXACO, SOL, Nestlè, Barilla, Campari, Perrier, SKF, Luxottica, Saint Gobain, Procter & Gamble and many others.


  • Progea SRL
  • Via D’Annunzio 295
  • Modena, I-41123
  • Italy
  • Progea Srl
  • Via Sant'Anna 88/E
  • Modena, 41122
  • Italy
  • Progea GmbH
  • Marie-Curie Str. 12
  • VS-Villingen, 78048
  • Germany
  • Progea International SA
  • Via Sottobisio 28
  • Balerna, 6828
  • Switzerland
  • Progea USA LLC
  • 2800 East Enterprise Avenue
  • Appleton, WI WI 54913
  • United States
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