Jim Luth is the OPC Foundation Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Dec 2015 | The OPC Foundation Board of Directors’ appointed Jim Luth as the OPC Foundation Chief Technical Officer (CTO).

Mr. Luth has been actively engaged in the architecture and development of all of the OPC Foundation specifications and technology. Mr. Luth is the chairman of the OPC Unified Architecture working group, and his passion for interoperability is unquestionable. Mr. Luth, in the role of CTO,  will drive the OPC Foundation vision of multivendor multiplatform interoperability for data and information integration from sensors to the enterprise. Mr. Luth will focus on making sure OPC provides the complete solution infrastructure for the Internet of everything, inclusive of industrial Internet of things and Industrie 4.0.

Mr. Luth is currently a System Architect for Schneider-Electric. Mr. Luth has been deeply involved in the development of OPC technologies for the past 18 years, originally representing ICONICS in OPC working groups and chairing the Technical Steering Committee. Later Mr. Luth became the full time Technical Director of the OPC Foundation and has served as Chairman of the Unified Architecture working group since its inception in 2003.

Mr. Luth has over 30 years of experience in factory automation and software development having previously worked for such organizations as General Motors, Taylor Instruments and The Foxboro Company. Mr. Luth received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.