Open-SCS Announces Webinar


Healthcare Providers Urgently Drive the Open-SCS Initiative as a Serialization Compliance Solution

Please join our webinar for an overview of this new specification work.

September 3, 2015: 10:00 AM EDT USA, 4:00 PM CET



Since the 2012 Patent Cliff, generic products now make up 80% of the global healthcare market and are a primary counterfeiting target where:

  • Counterfeit drugs flood the market and generate ~$75B USD Revenue annually
  • The ‘counterfeit industry’ is estimated to grow by 20% annually
  • In some countries, counterfeit drugs constitute as much as 70% of total drug supply

McKinsey & Company states, “Global standards could enable substantial patient safety benefits and enable total healthcare cost reduction of $40-100 Billion USD.”

Senior logistics executives polled at the Ninth Annual UPS Healthcare Forum in June 2014 reported an extremely low success rate in addressing the challenge of serialization regulatory compliance. Only 12 percent reported satisfied with their companies’ performance in this area. The scoped Open-SCS work products focus on healthcare packaging serialization interoperability across the plant’s equipment and systems and between the supply chain systems. The Steering Committee members include Abbott, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Famar Health Care Services, Mylan Pharmaceutical, NNEPharmaplan, SAP AG, OptelVision Inc., Systech International, Werum IT Solutions GmbH, and Antares Vision Srl as mentioned on

Please join our webinar for an overview of how Open-SCS will approach and solve this problem.
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