Update for IEC 62541 (OPC UA) Published


An updated and enhanced edition of the IEC 62541 standard, which represents the international standard of OPC UA, was published in March by the IEC standards organization. This revised standard was developed by the IEC working group and the OPC Foundation. The new edition supports the growing preference among end-users and OEMs for control and communication systems designed to IEC-based specifications.

The 2015 edition provides updated versions of all parts published in 2011. These are Address Space Model (IEC 62541-03), Services (-04), Information Model (-05), Mappings (-06), Profiles (-07), Data Access (-08), Alarms & Conditions (-09) and Programs (-10). In addition, a first edition of three new parts to the IEC 62541 standard was also published in March. It includes Historical Access (-11), Aggregates (-13) and Device Integration (-100).

OPC UA is the international standard for vertical and horizontal communication in manufacturing and automation, providing semantic interoperability for the world of connected systems. It provides the foundation for connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) and for the Industrie 4.0 initiative.