We do not stop because of COVID-19!


OPC Foundation has been managed and OPC UA developed over many years in a virtual environment, bringing together experts from every continent to work to a common goal. In these extraordinary times, we are bringing these skills to our user facing activities so that work-from-home can mean work-with-OPC UA.

OPC Day – International as digital event
Opened: Register here
Block the date for June 22-25 when for 2 hours each day OPC Foundation will bring together global experts in a virtual conference to discuss new use cases addressed and new technologies developed with OPC UA. Building on the success of in-person events run in Asia, Europe and North America. we are responding to COVID-19 by delivering even more value to our community. These webinar series provides latest information about the OPC activities around the globe, latest security improvements, added and updated functionalities, Field Level Communication, testing & certification, and collaborations. This includes lot of speakers like Stefan Hoppe (President) and Jim Luth (Chief Technology Officer) and others to provide first handed information.

Educational webinars
We use the opportunity to extend this digital event with additional educational webinars because we want to help you making the best out of spare time and home office. That information will contain important information for Product Managers, Developers and Testers to help utilize the aspects of the technology and tools we provide that help you the most. In these webinars we will cover topics like:

  1. “How reverse connect can help in an ISA95 network setup”
    • ISA95 network topology
    • Use of firewalls
    • OPC UA reverse connect Feature
  2. “OPC UA or MQTT and why this is a stupid question”
    • OPC UA is not a protocol
    • Client/server vs. publish/subscribe
    • JSON vs. Binary Encoding
  3. “OPC UA security and the Global Discovery Server (GDS)”
    • OPC UA security overview
    • X509 certificates
    • Public Key Infrastructure and the GDS
    • Automatic certificate installation

And many more…

Registration will open soon.

You do not want to get up in the night or work late hours to attend a webinar? We thought about this and will redo the webinars multiple times a day to allow everybody to participate.

Online Testbed / Virtual IOP Workshops
Testing of the interoperability aspect of OPC UA is an important action for all our members. Usually we are providing the opportunity to test this together with other committed vendors at our IOP Workshops which are held at major hubs in North America, Europe, and Asia. With the international travel bans these days, some of those events cannot take place. Because of that we are planning on bringing the IOP Workshop to you. Our experts are working on ways to provide the testing opportunities you need to ensure the interoperability of your products. Because there are different approaches, we are planning on hosting two formats for testing this year.

Online Testbed
With our OPC Foundation Certification Test Labs we are working on technical solutions to get you into a separated testing network providing access to their reference products. This includes products from major vendors and allows you to get your OPC UA Client tested from home. See details here

Virtual IOP Workshops
Important for any IOP Workshop is the opportunity to network with other developers and testers. Our goal is to enable you to stay in contact but also testing new versions of your products. Therefore, we are working on a solution, which provides a virtual meeting room with private conversations besides a virtual network which works for software as well as hardware-based products. Of course, we will continue to use the IOP Application Test Cases with enhanced scheduling mechanisms for organizing testing pairs.

You want to use the time to get your product well tested and certified? Because of the global adoption of OPC UA technology our certification program is well prepared for testing without experts of the vendors being in the Certification Test Lab personally. Please see our certification section for more details.

We are doing our best to bring you everything you need. If you are having additional suggestions or ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us.