• Softing Industrial Automation GmbH - dataFEED Secure Integration Server
  • Publish date: 09/25/2018
  • Product release date: 09/25/2018
dataFEED Secure Integration Server

dataFEED Secure Integration Server

Secure Communication

  • Support of all safety functions of OPC UA standard
  • Provide different data for different users and applications
  • Support for multiple OPC UA Endpoints (client or server), each with its own certificates
  • Filtered access, depending on IP address (White List / Black List for OPC UA Endpoints)
  • Detection of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks on OPC UA authentication

Data Aggregation

  • Aggregation of data from multiple sources in a server (aggregation of OPC UA Namespace)
  • Application access to aggregation servers, not to many individual data sources
  • Reduced configuration effort (Configuration not required individually for each OPC UA data source and each OPC UA Client)

Interface Abstraction

  • Common, stable OT interface for different IT applications
  • Adaptations in automation network transparent for IT applications
  • Easy integration of IT applications with standard OPC UA Clients in different OT environments
  • Decoupling of investment decisions in IT and OT environment

Solutions for Edge Architectures

  • Edge solution with features and benefits identical to those resulting from using central cloud platforms
  • Running local clients (e.g. for edge analytics) in parallel with cloud-based applications
  • Start with small IoT solution on cloud basis, later adaptation and expansion over time possible